You've arrived at the home of "YOU Can Heal Your Teeth".

You can! More power to you!

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​Reasons to pay your hard-earned £+ for this course:

  1. I've laid out First Aid Homeopathy for most tooth problems ... including remedy charts! This section alone is a Dental First Aid Book in interactive form! 
  2. I've designed you a Dental First Aid Kit to cover most issues
  3. I've told you exactly how to go about dosing homeopathy! That's complex and from feedback I've received ... I've done an awesome job of making it simple!
  4. I've done the leg work for you! Hours [probably years] of research, finding golden nuggets, sifting out the rubbish and putting the pieces together.
  5. Time is money! This course will save you money ... not just in time but in dentistry! 
  6. I've collected the best information about what is possible in teeth healing [evidence from dentists].
  7. I've collected reliable info about what causes decay. Information is power!
  8. I've researched, collected and summarised tooth healing dietary changes & pointed you to further resources. 
  9. I've explained professional homeopathic treatment that can 'make it stop!' and get that healing happening when decay is too rapid and extensive for you to deal with yourself & for when your teeth break!
  10. I've given you ways to treat dentist phobias.
  11. Also, how to make dentistry less painful during and after.
  12. I've included a section on treating after-effects of dentistry ... some of which, out side of homeopathy ... are otherwise called 'incurable'.
  13. This is a living, breathing course! There is a LOT of important information here & I'll be updating and adding to it in the coming months and years. When you own it ... you own it for life ... including all its updates.

If you're reading the preview, come back and buy this liberating course because:

  • no one likes dentistry and everyone likes a good set of 'gnashers'!
  • No one wants their teeth in the bedside glass ...
  • and most of all no one likes the process of drilling, filling & pulling before graduating to dentures!

Let me teach you how to avoid that fate [*almost*] worse than death ... and come on in!

Course structure

We are going to launch straight in as if you know a little about homeopathy like:

  • Where to get remedies
  • How to take remedies
  • What you can reasonably expect to be able to successfully treat yourself ...

If you don't know this stuff ...

I've bundled in a free course "Beginner's Homeopathy DIY".

Start there, then, you can get your teeth into this course!


International Homeopath is not a physician or dentist and the relationship between International Homeopath and her clients & students is not of prescriber and patient, but as educator and client. It is fully the client’s choice whether or not to take advantage of the information International Homeopath presents. Homeopathy doesn’t “treat” an illness; it addresses the entire person as a matter of wholeness that is an educational process, not a medical one. International Homeopath believes that the advice and diagnosis of a physician or dentist is often in order.

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